Payroll and financial accounting

"Business before pleasure"

We can help you fulfil your legal obligations in accounting and record keeping. We will set up for you an accounting system matched to your needs (preferably DATEV) and help you with the permanent booking of your business transactions, the assembly of your turnover tax advance return as well as of the monthly preliminary profit assessment.

We will offer you advice on the filing and storage of your documents.

We calculate the monthly wages and salaries for your employees, the payroll tax and social insurance contributions to be paid to the respective authorities.

We can offer you this service due to our membership of the cooperative DATEV eG. We always use effective and certificated software and apply most modern work techniques.

aking use of the thus gained results, we advise you on all questions of the payroll tax law, and the social insurance as well as the economic development of your business. In this way, we will save you a lot of valuable working time and assist you in making proper, optimised and entrepreneurial decisions.